Friday, December 23, 2011

Best center to choose for C-DAC course ?

Vidyanidhi Info Tech Academy (VITA)

Life at VITA:-
The 6 months I spent at VITA were the best in my life. I will cherish each and every moment here. I loved everything here:
About VITA
1.      No. 1 in student satisfaction.
2.      No. 1 in placement of student.
3.      No 1  in providing quality training.
Education Quality:
1.      At VITA every morning 30 min is spent on viva, which helps students to revise their subject everyday and keep students in touch with the ongoing module.
2.      Regular test is conducted for each topic related to ongoing module.
3.      Daily feedback from students about the trainer is taken personally by Savita Thakur (Director at VITA).
4.      After completion of each module a mock interview is conducted by the trainer which gives the taste of real interview and training on how to put or present the answer in front of interviewer.  
5.      Students are also trained on aptitude test (Mathematical, Logical and Reasoning Skills). VITA provides personal training so that student’s aptitude problem should not become the hurdle in the interview. 
6.      Student’s suggestion is taken seriously towards the betterment of C-DAC course by the Management staff. You are free to put your views about the trainer to the Director directly without any problem.   
7.      Assignments are given every day at the end of the day by the trainer, which gives confidence to the student about their technical skills.
8.      At vita each trainer are specific to a particular technology. 
9.      I never felt at VITA that C-DAC is hectic or tough to complete, the staff, management and faculty make it so easy that it really feels like the normal routine.
10.  Lectures are conducted in the lab. Maximum time is allowed to practice in the lab.

Faculty at VITA:-
Faculty at VITA is really excellent and they absolutely pay attention to the details in whatever they teach. VITA has faculty who are excellent in their own field of knowledge.
Mr. Nitin Vijaykar is one of the best faculty of  C,C++ & Java as compare to any other centers of C-DAC
Before joining C-DAC I was a faculty of java and i had enough knowledge of C, C++ and Java, but when I was trained by Nitin Sir It was really something new I learned from him.
He was always keeping students in rhythm and flow with deep Technical knowledge from in and out of the memory with diagrammatic representation and Concepts.
Mr. Jayant Ponkshe, A project guide whose suggestion really help students from moving one step ahead during project accomplishment.
His Suggestion and advice to approach to a particular problem really differs from other  project guide.
This is what makes him a best Solution Architect.
Mr. Mahesh Kumar, trainer of .NET technology is diplomatic person who not only train student on .NET technology but, he also motivate students and point out the good and bad things in him and changes he need to bring in order to be a successful professional.
Mr. Hemant Pangam, trainer of Oracle Database is the proactive trainer who keeps his student proactive and innovate the training trick to keep up the confidence of students.

The extra-curricular activities are excellent
Our batch defeated the previous batch in football and cricket tournament. That was the proud moment for us.

Now, its upon you which center will you like to choose for C-DAC,
I had chosen one of the best center and I felt lucky for it.

Click Here to go to VITA

Satyendra Singh
(DAC Feb, 2011)

Center for C-DAC course

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